Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Beyond NASA, Beyond Mars

I have barely posted to this blog started by my dear friend Marc. I seek to turn that around in the coming days. However, I'd like to propose a few topics to cross-pollinate. I am an enterprise architect, a systems engineer, a systems architect, and a software engineer. I am interested in the far reaching elements of design and pushing state-of-the-art in many disciplines simultaneously. As such, I'd like to propose for starters what might be perceived as a vast array of disparate topics to discuss and then start blending them together.

My career has taken me from EPA superfund projects, to Trident nuclear submarine software, to engineering the math model compiler for the B2 Stealth Bomber air crew training device, to designing the vision for smart weapons that can see and autonomously shoot tanks, to developing field artillery tactical data systems, to developing military intelligence workstations, to developing international communications satellite ground stations, to becoming the U.S. Bureau of Land Management's national technology architect, to developing visions for 2020 intelligence community service oriented architectures, to my current role as a systems engineer working for NASA's IV&V facility in Fairmont, West Virginia. This has been a wonderful and beautiful ride from one ground breaking project to another. As such, I have seen and done much in my 25+ year career, but my dear friends this is just the beginning as something wonderful is about to happen.

Here are some of the topics I will be touching on in the coming weeks: architecture, design, systems engineer, software design, software development, NASA space craft, UML, SysML, building architecture, automotive design, UFO's, UFO footage, human culture, alien cultures, human exploration of space, God Almighty and his only begotten son Jesus, and many other topics. This might seem like the ravings of a madman, but in truth, they are the explorations of a humble man who has seen much, done much, and seeks even more adventure.

So, there is my introductory statement. I look forward to our on-going discourse and discussion.

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