Tuesday, December 25, 2007

"Good Enough" Might Actually Mean "Good Enough"

Ryan Tomayko claims that IBM Poopheads saying that LAMP Users Need to "grow up" are trying to foist an over-complexified approach onto database-oriented applications.
After wasting years of our lives trying to implement physical three tier architectures that "scale" and failing miserably time after time, we're going with something that actually works.
His general point is that complex architectures designed from Day One for a "million users and requir[ing] five 9's from the first day of development" "sacrificed simplicity and the ability to scale low".

This principle of simplicity has been gaining significant traction with me over the last several years. I've been a software architect and gone the whole UML/Rational route. But then I've seen so much crud getting accreted onto it that my level of skepticism regarding that technological approach continues to rise. The more I see of it, the more I see of architecture being handed down "from above", the less effective and responsive (i.e., agile) I'm finding the resulting system or application to be.

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