Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kickout a Reddit Rant

I periodically submit interesting links I find to Reddit, most often in the programming or science subreddits. These are usually quickly downvoted into oblivion :-) While some of the links are admittedly a little off what I take to be the mainstream of interest there, I think that horizons ought to be expanded and that some of these submissions help in that area. I understand that some of the downvoting occurs for tactical, albeit selfish, reasons on the "New" pages, but I really don't understand why subsequent downvotes occur on stories that are right smack dab in the middle of the subreddit's subject matter.

A link I submitted from The Planetary Society containing a science professional's first thoughts on the first pictures the MESSENGER probe sent back from Mercury is a good example. As of the time I'm writing this the submission had 26 points, from 43 upvotes and 17 downvotes. 17 downvotes?? In the science subreddit?? This is about Mercury, the first pictures of it taken in 30 years, including photos of areas of the planet that have never before been seen! Other than the initial "tactical" downvotes, how can anybody in the science subreddit rationalize downvoting this? If someone isn't interested in astronomy or planetary geology, that's fine, ignore the submission. I don't go around downvoting biology or psychology submissions just because I'm not interested in the subject matter, there are probably others that are interested in those fields, and science is a pretty broad subject area.

There's no point in ranting about this on reddit itself, which others have already done, and my rant would almost certainly get downvoted anyway :-)

So, since I do have a blog there are two things I can do:
  1. Rant it about here.
  2. Introduce "Kickouts", which are simply the links I submit to Reddit that will more often than not get downvoted away.
Kickouts will be links to various articles and posts that I found interesting enough to submit to Reddit, the purpose being to keep them visible here, regardless of their lifespan there.

The next post will contain the inaugural set. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I agree, I have may articles on reddit and within minutes they and the negative number land. I remember once I submitted an article, refreshed the page and it already had 3 down votes. I wish more people would upvote or ignore because the downvoters make it hard for any blogger to drive traffic to their site. Good luck with future submitions!