Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Decades of Spam

I have some contact-the-author email accounts that are provided in README files that accompany some open source software I've released, and which I knew would sooner or later get scraped up by spambots. They were, and now I get anywhere from 20-100 spams a day on them. The Gmail filter is pretty good so I rarely see more than one every couple weeks that gets through. Still, because every now and then a legitimate email comes in and sometimes gets marked as spam I have to take a quick look at the spam jail pretty much daily and make sure that nothing got caught that should have gotten through.

And I wonder, how long is this going to go on? Is this something I and every other email user that needs to provide a publicly accessible email address going to have to deal with...for decades?? Geeze that's depressing.

About the only thing more depressing in this matter is the poor slob whose job it is to write those ridiculously lame come-on one-liners for "enlargement" products. That's a soul-killing job if there ever was one.


Gary Myers said...

What gets me is that, for a spam to get the sender any money, there HAS to be valid contact details (web site, email address, bank account). It should be possible to find and prosecute these people.

Anonymous said...

Start using Challenge-Response. I'm currently on, though I can't say I'm completely satisfied with it. bluebottle doesn't have loophole creating facilities.

Find a non-free email provider with TMDA installed. Or a similar one. MB, fastmail or tuffmail. It will lift up your email experience.