Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Primordial Program Porting Perils

Porting old code can be a pain.

I'm currently working on porting a large (well over a million SLOC of Ada and C) wargaming simulation system from a Silicon Graphics/IRIX platform to PC/Linux.

98.3% of the porting effort has gone pretty smoothly, but there have occasionally been some real showstoppers.

The latest issues I've been working with on the port have to do with the Xbae widget set. The developers of the original SG version of this app had grabbed a version of Xbae source code and frozen it to be evermore part of the code base.

Well, there were serious problems with that version of Xbae versus the Motif distribution that was installed on the designated Linux platform. Those have pretty much been taken care of, but there's been one thing left: When a particular text edit box is updated, it's supposed to automatically update the corresponding cell in an Xbae-provided matrix table, and that wasn't happening.

Since I'd grabbed all the source code for this stuff I was able to walk through what was going on in the debugger, and I discovered that when calling XmTextFieldSetString() to update the matrix cell, a check made in that function was rejecting the update. The check? Well, a quite reasonable one to make sure that the widget being updated was an XmText widget, so as to ensure that one was actually updating what one thought was being updated.

Okay, waitaminnit. It's checking that the widget is an XmText widget, but the code is expecting it to be an XmTextField widget. And isn't the latter what the XbaeMatrixWidget says is actually used?

Er...no. Or yes. Um, it depends on what you read.

The "What is it?" Xbae Matrix Widget page says: "While XbaeMatrix looks and acts like a grid of XmTextField widgets, it actually contains only one XmTextField."

But the Xbae Matrix Documentation page says: "While XbaeMatrix looks and acts like a grid of XmText widgets, it actually contains only one XmText".

So, the source code says it's an XmText widget. When did that happen?

Spelunking on Google we find:
* Swapped out the XmTextField widget to use the XmText
widget to enable multi line rows and the like.
When did this happen? Version 4.7, from mid-1999. What version of Xbae am I using? 4.60. And this portion of the app was written in early 1997, well prior to the Xbae's conversion from the XmTextField to the XmText widget.

So, I can't say the information wasn't out there, it was properly published in the release notes back then.

But because this is an old application, a "Mines of Moria" project, much of the code hasn't been looked at in years, and so there was never any incentive, hell, any reason, to keep it current with evolving utilities. I expect I'm going to run into this sort of thing again, but what I've got to get onto right now is locating and fixing any additional expectations of XmTextField widgets being used when interacting with the Xbae matrix.

This is gonna be so cool when it's done!

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