Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The 50 Meg Mouse Driver

I use a nice wireless Logitech VX Nano mouse with my laptop. I'm very happy with it, it of course acts like a mouse, and has a couple nice extra features like "sideways scrolling" and "Document flip" (like Alt-Tab, only better).

I did a Windows update this morning, and then after the reboot I got a Logitech dialog telling me there was an update available. Well, God knows what a Windows update could impact so I figured I'd go get the updated mouse driver...

...and it still had a few thousand more bytes to get.

56+ Meg for a mouse driver and settings tool???

It's a MOUSE! For pointing and clicking on things!

So after fifteen minutes of downloading and installation (most of that being installation) there's only one step left. Altogether now: "Reboot!"

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