Sunday, November 2, 2008

Spewing for the sake of spewing


Not me, the political campaigns.

I just get this sense during the last week or so of campaign season, when all the negative advertising goes into overdrive with smears, ridiculous distortions, and bald-faced lies based on out-of-context quotes, that it's not really about convincing the remaining "undecideds" any more.

Setting aside the presidential race for a moment, I'm seeing laughably over-the-top attack ads amongst the HR candidates, judicial contests (yes, in Alabama judges are elected, which I think is stupid), and others. Many of these ads are so "out there" that they're not going to be taken seriously by (meaning, influence) anybody.

So it seems to me that this is just spewing vitriol because campaigns just don't know what else to do: they're wired up, tired, angry at having to actually compete against this putz, and so just end up with this visceral need to yell, scream, and throw shit at their opponent.

Maybe it makes the campaign feel good--though tantrums have a tendency to be self-reinforcing--but it just stinks to the rest of us.


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