Thursday, April 23, 2009

Summary Report of a Speculative Incarceration and Interrogation Experience

Excerpt from "Enhanced Interrogation Orientation":

"Let me start off by saying that we do not torture. We are a civilized, modern nation. I want to make that perfectly clear. We interrogate intensively and relentlessly, but we conform to all Enhanced Interrogation procedures and practices as documented in memos produced as part of the United States government's Bush administration interrogation policy. Again, we do not torture.

"I understand that you claim to know little of the particular American defense program from which we are seeking information, and that you in fact claim to be merely a computer programmer on that project. Our information indicates otherwise, and I caution you that maintaining your claim of only peripheral knowledge of the information we seek will not make things easy for you.

"In the interests of full disclosure of what you can expect, and with the hope that with this knowledge you will quickly realize that providing us with the necessary information will make your time here less onerous, let me provide you with an overview of our enhanced interrogation program.

"You will be questioned intensely and relentlessly. You will be shackled to a chair and/or table and/or floor during these sessions. We have found that the attention of obstinate individuals will sometimes 'drift' and therefore require a "facial slap" to restore their attention. Such slaps would not be sufficient to cause physical harm, and would occur over periods not to exceed 1 hour of every morning interrogation session, one hour of every afternoon interrogation session, one hour of every evening interrogation session, and one hour of every overnight interrogation session.

"If you remain recalcitrant for more than two weeks, we will seek to more fully engage your attention. The way we will do this is by, after having suitably cushioned your neck and collarbone, 'slamming' you into a free-standing wall. This is called 'walling' and can be rather disorienting. Be aware that we do have trained medical and psychological personnel standing by to ensure that no permanent physical or mental damage will result from your interrogation.

"Occasionally we may deprive you of sleep for up to 72 hours as, frankly, the desire to get some Z's has been known to encourage detainees to be more forthcoming with their information.

"We have found some individuals to be especially resistant to the enhanced interrogation techniques I have described--and I do hope you're not one of them--such that we've have to 'take it up to the next level', so to speak.

"If you are one of those obstinate individuals, then to encourage your cooperation you will be stripped and doused with a cold water firehose. Be aware that the force of the water is not sufficient to harm you in any significant way, however it is very uncomfortable, and you will be left to 'air dry'. You will at times be confined within a cramped, dark container box for extended periods of time. During this confinement you will not be allowed to exit, therefore we will provide you with a diaper for your excretory requirements.

"I believe you are familiar with 'waterboarding'. The most obstinate detainees, with the most critically required information, will be subjected to waterboarding. I do wish to inform that you are one of those that possesses such critically required information. So you have been forewarned.

"To summarize, if you continue to refuse to provide the information we require, you will at first be subjected to facial slapping to help maintain your focus on the interrogation. Continued resistance will force the intensity of your interrogation to escalate to 'walling', cold water 'hose downs', prolonged nudity and sleep deprivation and confinement, and eventual waterboarding.

"These practices would then soon be occurring every hour ... of every day ... of every week ... of every month ... of every year that you are in our custody and refusing to provide the information we require.

"These interrogation practices are approved at the highest level of our government, and based on the comprehensive legal analyses undertaken by the United States Department of Justice under former President George W. Bush.

"They do not comprise torture. And they are effective.

"Your first interrogation session begins at 10 am tomorrow morning. Sleep well."

Excerpts from "Diplomatic Executive Summary" regarding release from custody:

"A series of diplomatic negotiations eventually resulted in the release from foreign custody and return to the United States..."

"The time from initial detainment until release into US custody was 19 months, 21 days."

Excerpt from a report provided by a neighbor who unintentionally overheard a conversation between the former detainee and his brother:

"It was the second night after he'd gotten back. There had been all the 'Welcome Home' stuff going on, but it was kept kinda low-key, since that was what they had said would begin to help get him readjusted to being back home quicker.

"So it was late at night, it was warm, and everyone in the house had gone to bed. It was just him and his brother out on the back deck. I was just having a fit of insomnia, and so had been seeing if I couldn't drop off on the lounger on my back porch when I heard them come out.

"They each had a beer or something, and I heard the brother say, 'There's no way I can ever understand what you want through over there, no way in hell. But I want you to know, bro, that I love you, and I will do anything for you. If you need someone to talk to, or cry on the shoulder of, any time day or night, you know who to call. If you need something done, call. If you need me to be somewhere, right then, I will be there.'

"He then leaned back in his chair--I heard it squeak--and said, 'Thank God at least they didn't torture you.'"

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