Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Democratic Scandals vs Republican Scandals

I noticed some time ago that there was a distinction in the nature of the scandals American politicians tended to get caught up in that seemed to depend on their party affiliation.

Generally speaking, Democrats have economic fairness as one of their foundational issues. There's a lot of focus on poverty, the minimum wage, unions, the "safety net", and so on.

And so what's often the nature of their scandals? Money-oriented. They take bribes, neglect to pay their own taxes, or don't pay the required taxes for their hired help.

Republicans of course are the "family values" party, with the big emphasis on the moral issues. (You can see this coming, can't you... :-)

Their scandals? Larry Craig, Mark Foley, David Vitter, Ted Haggard, and today's latest addition: conservative GOP governor and (now former) prospective presidential candidate Mark Sanford of South Carolina.

Interesting, eh? Like I said, this is just a general observation, it's easy to find Democrats in sex scandals, and Republicans in financial ones, but there just seems to be a party-dependent bias in the nature of scandals.

Those principles to which a party most strongly clings seem to also be the ones on which their weaker members seem most likely to stumble.