Tuesday, February 23, 2010

'bama Snows

North Alabama normally doesn't get too much snow. This one has been different, there's been the most snow I've seen since moving down here almost ten years ago.

So a little over a week ago we got about 2 inches of snow in less than 2 hours. No big deal for where I grew up, but impressive here. Enjoy...

The trail through the woods.

Rain, snow, and time have been working on this for centuries.

Look close, there's a couple fossilized crinoid stems visible here, can you spot them?

Cactus? In Alabama? With snow?

Behind the ice. Scale can be deceiving, the overhang is only about 18" above the ground. (Ignore the cactus and the hand holding it aside :-)

Just a boulder stacked on a rock -- again with the eons of erosion.

There are no permanent streams on the hill behind my home, but a lot of "wet springs" that run off into gulleys, some of which can really get roaring during a heavy rain. Here, though, just frozen in place.

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