Thursday, July 18, 2013


It turns out that "Kickin' the Darkness" has indeed been merely "pining for the fjords" these last three years.

A major overhaul and reboot will be getting underway shortly to better align with the way my interests and activities have changed over the last few years. (And I will get rid of the white-on-black theme, promise! :-)

It will be less "bloggy", since like many bloggers, once I had published pretty much all that I wanted to say, I pretty much ran out of things to say.

I'm looking for a place to post some of my fiction (oh gawd another wannabe author), shill my webcomic "Dmitry Ronkonkama, Time Traveling Avatar", and post some of the art crap that I work on whenever I get the time.

Maybe there might be a little bloggy stuff now and then, but don't count on much.

I'm on Twitter, @That_MarcC, so follow me there if you have any interest at all in what I'm up to here and in life in general.

-- Marc

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