Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dr. Who Centennial

Dmitry Ronkonkama, Time Traveling Avatar

BitStrips was down for several weeks, and now that it's back up, Dmitry Ronkonkama will resume regaling us with tales of the future. The resurrected BitStrips site, however, is missing a few bits of functionality, like manual positioning of limbs, so we're left with the presets. If those features get restored at some point, I'll likely tweak this comic a bit to improve some of the details.

Visit the Dmitry Ronkonkama archive.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Dmitry Ronkonkama, Time Traveling Avatar on Hiatus

Dmitry is on hiatus until gets their act together and brings the comic website back up.

I'm growing a backlog of comics, but am now missing the windows on the time-sensitive ones.

Itis whatitis.

Update: come back up the day after I posted this. Yay me! So long as it stays up, new Dmitry on Thursday.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Little North Alabama Wildlife

Something's not right here.

One for the road.

Critters, critters, everywhere!

Cedar Gap Mountain in the Fall

Took Tammy the Dog™ up for her weekly jaunt on the mountain.

She is a master of camouflage at this time of year. Look for the red bandanna and the blue leash. You should be able to pick her out.

Autumn is in full swing here, and we're past peak color. There's still a lot of leaves hanging tough though.

Growing up on flat farmland, I always wanted to own rocks.

This works for me.

A few last berries.

And there is some last fading gold...

I try to let Tammy follow her nose as much as I can, especially when we're just bushwhackin'.

This is all limestone around here, which usually means a good scattering of fossils, and which was laid down in layers, so it's fairly common to get some underlying erosion, leaving hanging rock shelves. Sometimes you get both.

That's a horn coral there in the center, and the other bits working their way out I believe are the same.

Centuries of winter freezes and thaws will take their toll on most any rocks.

And you never know just what might  break out.

Here's lookin' at all y'all!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Still No Dmitry R

The website is still down, though I got a tweet saying they expected it to be back up "sometime this week". Apparently today is not yet "sometime".

So, uh, well, if you've stumbled across this site, you could like, uh, follow @That_MarcC on Twitter? It's just a thought.

Or you could gaze at this nice picture, which my wife took a few mornings ago from the front porch of our house:

Fall is here...