Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cedar Gap Mountain in the Fall

Took Tammy the Dog™ up for her weekly jaunt on the mountain.

She is a master of camouflage at this time of year. Look for the red bandanna and the blue leash. You should be able to pick her out.

Autumn is in full swing here, and we're past peak color. There's still a lot of leaves hanging tough though.

Growing up on flat farmland, I always wanted to own rocks.

This works for me.

A few last berries.

And there is some last fading gold...

I try to let Tammy follow her nose as much as I can, especially when we're just bushwhackin'.

This is all limestone around here, which usually means a good scattering of fossils, and which was laid down in layers, so it's fairly common to get some underlying erosion, leaving hanging rock shelves. Sometimes you get both.

That's a horn coral there in the center, and the other bits working their way out I believe are the same.

Centuries of winter freezes and thaws will take their toll on most any rocks.

And you never know just what might  break out.

Here's lookin' at all y'all!

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